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16th July 2017
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Dear Parishioners,
We are coming to the big summer break for our Schools. The School close on Tuesday for the Holidays. It has been a very busy but successful year for all the Schools, especially for St. Michaelís and St. Johnís. Both had Ofsted |Inspections and both were very successful. We say a huge thank you to the Staff and Children of both Schools for their hard work and hopefully everyone will have a good rest and a great holiday. We will be saying goodbye to Year 6 of St Michaelís and wishing them every success in their new Schools that they will be going to in September. It is always sad to move from one School to another, but it is important for the development of the Children. They have been a really good Year 6 and I hope all the Children will follow their example and do their best in the New School Year. We hope that you will all do your best and keep the good name of St. Michaelís. Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of being at three end of term activities in three schools. St. Helenís in Canning Town, for their International Evening, St Edwardís for a Retirement of one of the Teachers and of course the International Evening at St. Michaelís plus the Achievements Evening and the year 6 Play, Alice in Wonderland. I have to say that each one was superb and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to the Leavers mass on Tuesday in St. Michaelís Church 9.30am. I am also looking forward to the St. Johnís School Leavers Mass, which is also on Tuesday. Sadly we will have 20 Year 6, leaving the School, most will go onto Colleges, A number of them will be going to the new College of St Johnís where hopefully they will be able to remain until the age of 25 yrs. This is a new project in St. Johnís and the first year seems to have been a great success. We hope all the Staff of the Schools will have a really good rest and a wonderful holiday which they all deserve. THE SENIOR SCHOOLS: will also begin their holidays on Tuesday and we do hope they too will have a wonderful break. This Monday St. Bonaventureís will be celebrating 140 years. The School are having a Special Mass, Bishop Alan will be the main Concelebrant with about fifteen priests assisting, many who were former Students of the School. It will be a very special day and of course the Franciscans will be there. They were the First teachers in the school and we have a lot to thank them for. We ask your prayers for both St. Bonaventureís and St. Angelaís Schools and say a huge thank you to both for their loyalty and care to the Students. We pray too, that all the Students who did exterior exams will receive the results they need for their futures. GOD BLESS, Bob

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